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Important Information

Dedicated to Excellent, Christ-Centered Education


Corn Bible Academy is dedicated to providing a Christ-centered environment to help parents train their children to grow in knowledge, in strength, and in relation with God and others.


  1. To develop Christian character through regular study of the Bible, guided Christian living, and supervised Christian service.
  2. To give young people an opportunity to complete their high school training under the instruction of Christian teachers, with a direct emphasis on the authority of the Bible as the inspired Word of God.
  3. To lead the student to an assured saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.
  4. To provide opportunities through which the student may become a well-balanced, Christ-like person in all areas of development.
  5. To prepare Christian young people for an effective witness in their local churches and communities.
  6. To develop Bible-based, Christian attitudes toward daily life and to gain a better understanding of oneself in relation to God's plan.
  7. To develop Christ-like American citizenship.


Corn Bible Academy is an interdenominational Christian School that was founded by the Mennonite Brethren Church of Corn in the fall of 1902. The Mennonite Brethren Church of Corn and the Bible Mennonite Brethren Church of Cordell sponsor the school with numerous other area churches giving faithful support. Corn Bible Academy is incorporated as a 501(c) educational institution.


The school is governed by ten members who are elected to three or four year terms at the Annual School Business Meeting. Four members of the Board are nominated from the membership of the Corn Mennonite Brethren Church, two members are nominated from the Cordell Bible Mennonite Brethren Church, and four members are nominated at-large by the CBA Board of Education with suggestions coming from our Parent-Teacher Fellowship.


Grades 7-12


The average class size is about 20 students. We are dedicated to splitting classes when they become larger than 20 students, depending on the subject being taught and the academic requirements.


Corn Bible Academy offers an extensive junior high and high school curriculum suitable for college preparation. Over the years, 90% of our graduates have gone on to college. CBA students consistently score 1-2 years above the national average on the Stanford Achievement Test.


It is required that either the student or at least one parent has made a profession of faith in
The student must meet a stipulated level of academic performance based on prior grades and
standardized test scores.
Students will abide by a code of conduct requiring discipline, respect for authority, neatness
in physical appearance, courteous and appropriate speech, and abstinence from tobacco,
drugs, and alcohol.


  1. Request an admissions packet from the school or online.
  2. Return or submit the Application for Admission, enclosing names of references, a personal testimony, and other items specified in the application.
  3. Participate in a parent and student interview with the Admissions Committee if deemed necessary by the Committee.
  4. Be accepted for enrollment to Corn Bible Academy.


Application should be made well in advance of anticipated attendance. We prefer that students apply during April and May for the fall semester and during September and October for the spring semester.


After being notified of acceptance into CBA, you will be notified of registration and enrollment dates. On registration day, the student and at least one parent will come to the school to fill out the necessary papers for enrollment and financial arrangements.


Our Parent-Teacher Fellowship Committee helps revise our dress code as often as necessary to make sure that our students are dressed neat, clean, and modestly. We believe modesty is important in the growth of our young people. Students are allowed to wear jeans, t-shirts, and required length shorts. Thursdays are designated as "Crusader Attire Day" and all students are expected to wear a designated polo with the CBA logo.


Faculty members are selected based on their agreement with the CBA Doctrinal Statement, their past academic experience and performance, and their outward love for students and their dedication to Christ. All faculty members are required to have current teaching certificates issued by the Association of Christian Schools International.


A reasonable amount of homework is expected on a daily basis while in attendance at CBA.


Grade reports to parents are made each nine weeks. All grades are reported in percentages, and letter-grade equivalents are provided as follows for parent and college-university reference:
A=100-90 B=89-80 C=79-70 D=69-60 F=59-0


Corn Bible Academy is dually accredited by the Oklahoma State Department of Education and the Association of Christian Schools International.


Our Board encourages the teachers and Administration to use Christian textbook publishers as often as feasible and academically suitable.


Corn Bible Academy is committed to a strong competitive sports program. Interscholastic 8-man football, volleyball, basketball, softball, and soccer/baseball are offered. CBA participates in the Oklahoma Secondary Schools Activities Association. (OSSAA).


Corn Bible Academy is known for its strong commitment to quality music. We offer instrumental and vocal music to all junior high students. Our high school offerings include band, pep band, marching band, worship team, choir, and various vocal and instrumental ensembles. Private piano, instrumental, and vocal lessons are also available. CBA music also participates in the OSSAA sanctioned activities.


Extracurricular activities include newspaper, yearbook, academic teams, drama, Student Council, and class activities.


Tuition pays about 60% of the total cost of training students at CBA. Therefore, we suggest that you explore the following options if you feel you need assistance:

  1. Relatives and friends who may be of help to you
  2. The church you attend may offer support to you
  3. The CBA Grant-in-Aid Program
  4. Other interested people you may know

The CBA Grant-in-Aid Program requires that you use the "Tuition Assistance Application Form" which is sent and reviewed by an outside firm./ They, in turn, send the application to a committee at CBA to review necessary information. In additions the to application, the school requires that you provide the following:

  1. A copy of last year's IRS Form 1040
  2. A letter of explanation if you believe you have unusual circumstances which you would like our committee to consider


  1. Pay by the year (5% discount)
  2. Pay by the semester July - 5% discount/first semester December - 5% discount/second semester
  3. Pay in 10-11 equal payments through FACTS
    You may pay the July payment by cash or check. The second and subsequent payments will be made through FACTS. You will be asked to sign up for FACTS if you choose the monthly plan. Any extra charges will be paid by the families choosing this option.

Any alterations from the three options will need to be cleared with the Board Financial Committee.


The Corn Bible Academy Board of Education believes that God has called us to provide a Christ-centered education to as many students as possible. We are unique in that we charge parents only about 60% of our annual per-student costs. The other funds are raised through generous gifts from alumni and friends and through fund raising events such as our annual German Feast and Auction, our Cattle Project, and our Wheat Project. As a member of the Corn Bible Academy constituency, you will be asked to help with various fund raising events.


CBA provides transportation from various towns in the surrounding communities for a nominal fee. The transportation services have one pick-up point in each town. Many of our students carpool from various towns within a 50-mile radius of CBA.


Corn Bible Academy views education as an extension of the home. Therefore, parental support and involvement is strongly encouraged. Parents will be encouraged to attend parent-teacher conferences throughout the year.


Each spring, our high school choir and band takes extended ministry trips. Our eighth grade class is taken on a five-day camp experience, and the senior class takes a week-long trip immediately following their graduation.


CBA accepts students in grades 9-12 into the dormitories. We have various rates for three-day and five-day dorm students. All dorm students are given a set of dormitory regulations when they register. Our dorms are air-conditioned and have laundry facilities. Our two dormitories hold up to 28 students who are accepted through and application and personal interview process. Dorm students have a group devotional time and a specified study time each school day evening. Our dorm parents are totally committed to helping and caring for the students that are placed in their care.


All meals are provided at the CBA cafeteria during most weekdays. On home game days, dorm students are provided a meal from the school concession stand.


There is a dormitory application included in the online application. Simply fill out this application and submit it along with your school application when applying for enrollment. CBA requires a student/parent interview before your application is accepted.


Corn Bible Academy is located in Corn, Oklahoma, a town of about 550 people with surrounding wheat fields in our area.
Corn is located south of Interstate 40 on Highway 54, 10 miles south of Weatherford, Oklahoma, and three miles east on 54A.
Take Interstate 40 to Weatherford, and then State Highway 54 south out of Weatherford 10 miles. Turn west (right) onto Highway 54A and go three miles to the town of Corn. Corn Bible Academy is at 208 North Reimer.


Corn Bible Academy offers an aggressive college placement program which will help students and parents to define and choose from various college/university alternatives. CBA helps each student in seeking scholarships and financial aid for college.


Corn Bible Academy does not discriminate and shall not tolerate discrimination on the basis of race, color, national and ethnic origin in the administration of its educational policies, admission policies, financial assistance programs, athletics, and other school administered programs.

For any questions you might have that have not been covered here, please contact:

P.O. Box 38, 208 North Reimer
Corn, Oklahoma 73024-0038
580.343.2261 FAX
Curt Cloud, Administrator


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