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Corn Bible Academy was established in Corn, Oklahoma in 1902, founded on the Godly principles of the Mennonite Brethren Church. A group of Russian/German immigrants settled in the central western part of the Oklahoma Territory, determined to build a community with a deep devotion to Christian faith and biblical principles, experience in agriculture, an appetite for hard work, and a desire for prosperity. A foundational concern in developing this community was an education facility that would guide and equip their youth for life.

Since 1902, Corn Bible Academy has been a strong leader in western Oklahoma in Christian education. The school is the oldest Christian school west of the Mississippi River and is just as sound today as it was in its beginnings. With a dedicated faculty and staff totaling 25 and an enrollment of 90 students in grades 7-12, CBA provides a Christ-centered education that prepares its students for life beyond high school.

Corn Bible Academy is accredited by the state of Oklahoma and the Association of Christian Schools International. Students who come to CBA are provided with:

  • A high quality college preparatory education
  • Biblical teaching
  • A full array of competitive sports such as volleyball, football, basketball, softball, golf, and weight training
  • A competitive music department that offers mixed choir, concert band, pep band, marching band, hand bells, vocal and instrumental ensembles, and private vocal, instrumental and piano lessons
  • Opportunities for drama through musicals, the junior and senior class plays, and Bible mini-dramas
  • Junior High and High School Academic Team
  • Leadership opportunities through Student Council, student-led discipleship groups, class officers, and student worship team leaders
  • Opportunities for church and community service

Not only does CBA serve as a beacon in western Oklahoma, the school attracts students from several different states and countries, as well. Corn Bible Academy has had students from Kansas, Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, and Ohio, and as far away as Germany, South Africa, and Indonesia. On campus, the school provides dormitory housing with full-time dorm parents for these students as well as other Oklahoma students who would have to travel a long distance each day to attend classes. Each weekend, these dorm students either go to their own homes or to host homes who agree to "adopt" them every weekend during the nine months of school.

CBA consistently sends off graduates into the fields of pastoral ministry, youth ministry, music ministry, missions, medicine and pharmacology, computer technology and graphic design, education, agriculture, and business.

The list goes on and on -- CBA has a reputation for providing a quality education which produces phenomenal students. God has truly blessed Corn Bible Academy for its many faithful years of service to the students of Western Oklahoma and the world.

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