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German Feast and Auction

Saturday, February 4, 2017
10 am-12:30 pm - Silent auction
11:30-1:30 pm - Noon meal
1:00 pm - Live auction begins
5-7 pm - Evening meal

Adults - Advance tickets $10
Adults - Tickets at the door $13
Child's Meal (4-11) $7


The Verenika Meal
The German Mennonite meal will feature delicious verenika smothered in hot ham or sausage gravy, seasoned smoked sausage, cherry and pluma mousse, homemade bread and zwieback (rolls), new year’s cookies, green beans with bacon, sauerkraut with pork, and coffee and tea.

The Making of Verenika
Verenika is a specialty food that German Mennonites have for years cherished. On verenika day, approximately 40 individuals from the CBA family meet to prepare this mouth-watering dish. Verenika is a mixture of egg yolks and cottage cheese encased in a flour dough shell. It is then boiled or fried for a short period of time, smothered in ham or sausage and onion gravy, and served.

Cracklins: A German Delicacy
This is an interesting process of taking most of the fat from the meat that is left from making the sausage and placing it in a hot 30 to 40 gallon cauldron. The fatty meat is then heated and stirred for approximately five hours with a long brewing stick that looks like a canoe oar. This further separates small pieces of meat from the fat. The fat is then drained off the mean, and the meat stays at the bottom of the cauldron. The meat is pressed, taking much of the fat out as possible. The process results in cracklins, which is a gourmet food for the true-blooded German. Cracklins make a great breakfast when served with syrup and toast, as well as a variety of other ways.

Benefit Auction
Each year, supporters of the school craft or solicit all kinds of items for a benefit auction. Handmade quilts, floral displays, handmade toys, wall hangings, afghans, tea towel sets, farm items, homemade furniture, area business gift certificates, woodcrafts and much more are auctioned off to the highest bidder. Food items, including cracklins, are also offered.

Silent Auction and Sale
You will want to visit our silent auction and sale in our auditorium. Come and browse through numerous items that have been donated for the sale. Food items, including smoked sausage, verenika and baked goods are usually available for purchase.
You can purchase the items by paying the tagged price or by making a bid. High bidders must be present to claim their purchase at the designated time for the closing of the silent auction. Guidelines for this will be posted in the auditrorium.

Recipe Book
A recipe book is available the day of the feast in the silent auction area.

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