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Crusaders Enjoy Riversport Adventure

Wesley riversport q12

Corn, OKLA — The CBA Student Council back to school party was held on August 16th as the student body went to the Riversport Adventure on the Oklahoma River in Oklahoma City.  The Oklahoma River is the location for the water sports Olympic training that is held in Oklahoma City. The students were able to …

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Student Council Banquet Well Attended

Corn, OKLA — The Corn Bible Academy Student Council spring banquet was held on April 20th in the CBA Gymnasium. The theme for this year’s event was Alice in Wonderland. The students in grades 9-12 entered through a keyhole door and enjoyed a fun filled evening of food, entertainment, and laughter as they spent the evening interacting …

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Students Attend Spring Stuco Banquet

Corn, OKLA — The Corn Bible Academy student council sponsored their annual spring banquet for the CBA high school student body that was designed around an Enchanted Forest theme. The banquet was held in the CBA gymnasium on Saturday, April 21st.  The evening began as students arrived with their dates in a variety of vehicles. The …

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Christmas Help for the Needy

Corn, OKLA — The classes at Corn Bible Academy are involved in a fundraiser until December 12 to raise money for several needy families in western Oklahoma. Each class is raising money to provide food, clothing, presents or other items to families that have a need this Christmas season. The classes will be raising money …

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CBA Students Collecting Tabs

Corn, OKLA — The CBA student body is involved in a class competition as they collect the tabs from aluminum cans. The contest was organized by the CBA student council as a service project to support families with children at the OU medical center. The money raised from the tabs will help defray the costs of treatment …

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Student Council Organizes Retreat

Corn, OK — The 2011-2012 CBA student council organized an overnight get acquainted party on August 11-12 for the CBA faculty and student body. The event was held at the Springlake Camp southeast of Cordell and was organized for the purpose of helping new students get to know the returning students and faculty and to start …

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CBA Students Participate in Food Drive

Corn, OKLA — The students at Corn Bible Academy participated in a food drive by collecting food for needy people in western Oklahoma.  205 food items were collected and sent to organizations that provide food to people in need in the surrounding area.  The food items that were donated include cans and boxes of food …

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